3 Types of Humidifier Technologies

The different types of humidification technology each have their advantages and disadvantages. Dr HVAC carries several brands in a choice of these types to suit all needs and budgets.

Drum Humidifiers

These use a motor and a rotating belt. The belt passes through a pan with water, and rotates to your air ducts, where evaporation transfers moisture to your air supply. This is the cheapest option, but it requires the most maintenace. Because of standing water, there is a risk of mould.

Flow Through Humidifiers

These have a pad that is moistened by a constant trickle of incoming fresh water. Again, evaporation transfers water to your air supply. There is low risk of mold, and less maintenance than with drum humidifiers.

Steam Humidifiers

These are the most effective and require the least maintenance. They also allow more precise control of the humidity level. These are available with hot steam or cool mist. While these do require electricity, there is almost no risk of mould.


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